‘The Marvels’ To Launch A New Series

As the title might suggest, The Marvels is a spinoff from the critically acclaimed 1994 miniseries Marvels, which retold the events of the earliest Marvel comics from the point of view of a photojournalist. In the past two years, Marvels has been reprinted as Marvels Annotated, adapted into a podcast and been the inspiration for a number of spinoff comic books, including MarvelMarvels X and Marvels Snapshot.

The new series will be illustrated by Yildiray Cinar, with covers and character designs from Alex Ross, Busiek’s partner on the Marvels miniseries.

The Marvels First Issue Cover


“We knew we needed someone who could draw whatever part of Marvel we threw at him, from gritty mean-streets stuff for a Punisher scene to hi-tech Super Heroes with the Avengers to cosmic oddities and ancient history and more,” Busiek said of the series’ artist. “And Yildiray can do all that and make it feel spectacular and active and human and quirky, all at once… Having Alex and Yildiray both involved give me a lot of confidence that wherever the stories go, we’re in very good hands.”

The Marvels First Issue Cover Horizonal BW

The first issue of the series is set to be released in May.