Is A Podcast Episode Missing?

Some of you may have noticed that our trailer and first episode of The Lazy Geeks podcast is no longer available on your podcast apps. That isn’t by mistake. Currently, we are using Podbean as our hosting platform. As they have a free option, which is what we are on – there are limits to how much we can have stored on their servers.

We have a five hour limit on our account, unless we pay for their unlimited hosting cost. Unfortunately, Adam and I decided that we don’t have the funds to pay for hosting, which is why we had those pleas for donations to cover some of our monthly/yearly costs. As we approached those limits, we would have to remove some of the content to make way for new content.

In order to make room for the fifth episode, we would have to remove a previous episode. Obviously, it would be the first episode. If you did not catch that episode, all is not lost. If we were able to make the monthly (more ideally, the yearly) payment, we can restore all episodes removed and things would be normal.

For now, if you didn’t catch the episode, you can listen to our episode via the blog post or via our YouTube channel. It’s currently available, as is the trailer. One other note, there may (not always) be two versions of the same show. As we have a 60 minute time limit, our shows are usually a bit longer. That will mean there will be an “edited-for-time” version available in podcast form, but the full length will be available on YouTube.

Again, if we receive donations that will allow us to make the hosting costs, you will receive the full-length episodes as we would have no limitations.

As of now, this is the way it is. If you would like to help us out, you can click on the PayPal link to the right of this post and donate there. You can, also, donate through Venmo (@thelazygeeks_1010). But, if you’re cool with this set-up, so are we. Starting with this past episode, we will no longer have episode numbers. Just easier for new listeners, not feel like they’re missing something.