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Disney+ App Finally Coming to Vizio TVs

Back when Disney+ dropped onto an unsuspecting world back in November, people that owned Vizio SmartCast televisions were upset. Why? For some reason they believed that the Disney+ app was going to be available for them. Let’s forget the fact that no one said it would. They just assumed. When it wasn’t available, people were mad. Mad because they assumed instead of researching it for themselves. Well, their wait is over.

Vizio has been rolling out an update to its smart TV that will allow them to actually use the proper app. Until now, users were forced to use Chromecast or AirPlay 2 to cast their app onto their TV. Since it’s been three months since the launch of the service, it is curious to see how many people went out and got a proper streaming device to supplement the missing app on their television.

Now, users will be able to search for the app from their SmartCast homescreen, and sign up for the service. The app, which supports 4K and HDR playback, will be available in the US, Canada and Puerto Rico on Vizio smart TVs dating back to 2016. However, if you have a television older than that, you’re a bit out of luck.

As a personal rule, it is unwise to use a television OS for your streaming options. As we discovered at the end of 2019, many older devices were seeing “non-supportive” notices coming up on Netflix. Many older Sony Blu-Ray players saw end of support for Netflix and Hulu. A cheaper alternative is using either an Amazon Fire Stick or a Roku player.

If you are looking for a smart TV that you won’t have to worry too much about is a TCL smart TV. Generally priced more inexpensive than many name-brand electronic, their operating system is supplied by Roku, which is the best option for an all-in-one. Eventually Roku devices will become “non-supportive” but that generally happens about six years later. Spending $40 to replace a device is easier to digest than another couple hundred bucks for a new television.