CBS All Access Offering Month Free

A lot of streaming services are attempting to get new viewers by offering longer trails or special deals. CBS All Access is no different. Many Star Trek fans have joined in recent weeks with the return of Patrick Stewart in Star Trek: Picard, which is approaching their season finale this Thursday. For that reason, CBS All Access if offering a month trial just in time.

As you see in the tweet above from Patrick Stewart himself, you can follow the link that will take you to their special one month free trial. It isn’t too much, in regards to price, it runs you only $5.99 a month, which is the same cost as Hulu. A month free trial will allow you to binge the entire series and get the finale on Thursday. As well as Star Trek: Discovery’s first two seasons. Not only their entire back catalog of current shows and some classic.

Some of their more popular shows like Tell Me a Story, Why Women Kill, Interrogation, and The Twilight Zone. As to how to obtain the free month, all you need to do is follow the link provided in the tweet and enter in the promo code: GIFT. You will need to select which plan you want. The $5.99 plan is with limited commercials, which aren’t too bad. Mild by services like Hulu. Their $9.99 plan is no commercials at all, which is extremely nice.

With no new Trek service being offered after Picard, there may be no reason to keep the service afterwards. Which will more or less be the case for me, I may switch back to Hulu when all is said and done. It will be for more content available on Hulu for the long haul. While CBS has some great television content, it doesn’t always offer new/compelling content on the regular.


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