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About Us

The Lazy Geeks started in October 2010. This is the whole point of an “About Me” section, right? Give some details about us and our missions. Or, like a mission statement about the blog and our content. Actually, when you think about it, “mission statement” sounds a lot better than “about me”. It comes off as more of a Tinder profile than an introduction to the brand.

Anyways, I’m going off track here.

Our original goal, in 2010, was to be a news outlet for topics we liked. Much in the way that many of the online news sites offered a lot of content, but much of it didn’t appeal to us. We, also, managed to offer it in a more real way than the sanitary writings of the time. Technically, it is still handled that way, but we tended to offer the news with our take on it.

About Us

After nine years, and over 340 podcasts, we decided that old concept was just that: old. In October 2019, The Lazy Geeks is going to become more of a brand and less of news aggregate. Not to mention, we will focus less on news per say and more of opinion discussion through our various (and upcoming) podcasts, with some blog posts.

As we venture toward our tenth anniversary, we are rebranding our content to be more in line with our interests. We will be discussing pop culture, social media, conspiracy theories, technology, and offer some reviews here and there.

In January 2020, we hope will return to the podcast forum with a discussion show that will engage in some of the topics on the blog, but will rely on what we feel like talking about on any given week. We will offer more info when that date gets closer. The Lazy Geeks will be the brand that is behind the podcasts, much like The Nerdist is behind their shows.

To conclude this “About Me” (if you are still managing to read this thing), we hope that you will join us on this ride in phase two of our mission. Enjoy our blog, as well as, comment and share the shit out of it. You can follow us on social media, our links are at the right hand portion of this post.

Welcome to our Blog!