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This is the page that gives you multiple ways to contact us. We are really trying to up our game in regards to communicating with our fan base. Saying “fan base” sounds a bit egotistical, doesn’t it? I mean, it could be a way to brag about how big we are. As if we suffer from with a bout of over-compensating. Believe me, there is no over-compensating here. We have huge dicks and most people know it.

But, we digress…

The Lazy Geeks want people to engage with us. Not only on the content presented to in our blog, and our upcoming podcasts, but we wanted to find out what people want. What they like. Not to say we will alter our format to service them, but if there is some mutually beneficial information exchanged – we’re open to it.

But, we need feedback from you.

We’re not just talking about the typical “you guys suck” stuff. We know this, but the trick is that you don’t have to listen or read us. So, the joke would be really on you.

contact us

But, if you’re not a troll…

You can get in touch with us through the more mobile orientated means, either through Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. If you would like to contact us through those means, you can.


Twitter: @thelazygeeks

Instagram: @thelazygeeks

Now, if you would like to contact us about something blog related or just something to say to us, you can email us directly at:

The Lazy Geeks email account

You can reach us at that general email as well if you have something you want us to check out, discuss, or solicit. Legally, any way. I mean, there is Tinder or Craigslist for the other kind.

Thanks for checking us out. See you soon.