The Lazy Geeks Donation


I know. It seems like you can’t go anywhere without someone asking you for donations. I mean, really? Can’t you just make content and not ask people to help support you monetarily? What do you think you are offering? PBS content? With all that out of the way, wanna help a brotha out?

If you’re new to this blog: (one) where have you been? And (two) welcome aboard. Better late than never. We have been doing this blog for nearly ten years. We have, also, done numerous podcasts during that time. Since we ended those podcasts back in July, they are no longer available on podcast readers. However, they are still available on our YouTube channel.

You can experience our original The Lazy Geeks Podcast. You can, also, listen to many of our older shows like The Away Team, The Extended Play Movie Podcast, The Fine Line, The Cheap Seats, and some others. All are free and available to listen to on our YouTube page.

The reason we’re asking for donations is because we want to help pay for our blog hosting, which isn’t cheap. Plus, we want to get back into podcasting in 2020 with the return of The Lazy Geeks. Not to mention, we would like to bring another podcast or two in the coming year. Revamped, reimagined, and retooled for the upcoming decade – which doesn’t begin until 2011, but what can you do.

We have two ways to donate to us. You can send us a donation through PayPal. You can click on the link below and donate whatever you feel you can or should.


Or, if you don’t like using PayPal (for whatever reason), you can Venmo me @thelazygeeks_1010. I know more people have Venmo, which is easier on mobile devices. All your donations will help all the shows, hosting fees for the blog and podcast, and help upgrade our equipment.

Thanks for helping out. If you can’t help monetarily, please spread word about the blog and upcoming shows. Help us restart this whole craziness with a bang.